How it works

Shortly after registering an organization, the primary contact person will receive a unique Partner Organization Identifier (OID) and custom URL containing the OID. These are used to identify which organization receives the contribution associated with a given order. Additionally, the OID is saved as a part of each supporter’s profile so that reorders contribute to the organization as well!

Partner Organizations can direct supporters to shop directly from using the OID, or bundle orders using the custom order forms included with the promotional material at the Organization Dashboard.

Partner Organization Materials

Visit the Partner Resources page to download materials to begin your fundraiser. This includes order forms, flyers, and other useful items. Print as many as you need to get the word out.

Product Shipping

Bundled Orders

Our customized fundraising form makes it easy to collect orders in the traditional way. Supporters complete a line on the form, selecting their desired quantity of available products, and providing prepayment to the organization. A representative of the organization will then submit and pay for the bundled order at the custom URL. The bundled orders will be processed, fulfilled, and shipped out to the organization within 14 days (plus shipping time) for distribution by the organization. All bundled orders qualify for free shipping!

Individual Orders

Easier still, a Partner Organization may encourage supporters to order directly from the custom URL. Individual orders will be processed, fulfilled, and shipped directly to the supporter within seven days (plus shipping time). All individual orders qualify for free shipping!


Fresh Horizons Coffee will contribute 50% of the profit on all sales (not including shipping costs and sales tax) associated with an organization’s unique OID. This includes bundled orders placed by the organization as well as individual online orders placed through the custom URL. Contributions are calculated monthly and disbursed by check through the mail (automatic deposit is coming soon!). Each organization must email a completed IRS Form 1099-MISC to before receiving an initial contribution payment.

Contribution Calculation

Contributions are calculated monthly on the value of fulfilled orders associated with the Partner Organization’s OID. Fulfilled orders are orders that have been delivered and are no longer returnable.


Sell (30)12oz Bag Subscriptions 30 Bags x 50% profit Contribution = $90/mth (est.)
Sell (100)12oz Bag Subscriptions 100 Bags x 50% profit Contribution = $300/mth (est.)
Sell (250)12oz Bag Subscriptions 250 Bags x 50% profit Contribution = $750/mth (est.)
Sell (500)12oz Bag Subscriptions 500 Bags x 50% profit Contribution = $1500/mth (est.)

Once you get the word out, it’s not difficult to drive these kinds of numbers. Everyone loves fresh roasted coffee especially while helping out a great cause!


Due to current tax law, all orders delivered to an address within the state of Illinois are subject to sales tax. Any coffee ordered by a Partner Organization, with a valid tax exempt certificate, that is shipping to an address within Illinois, and will be used by the organization (not bundled supporter orders) may be reimbursed for sales tax collected online. Please contact us for assistance.