The Love of Coffee

We began roasting coffee as a hobby – as the coffee nerds that we were, we wanted a way to source our own beans and make better, fresher coffee. As our hobby morphed into a business idea, we quickly decided that we wanted to do something different. Our local grocery store had lots of choices in the coffee aisle, and our town had a number of great coffee shops, so how could we share our coffee with more friends and pay the bills while doing it?

Helping Others

We’re not sure when it happened exactly, but at some point, after buying a rising pastry, a handful of chocolate bars, and some kitchen gadgets that we could have lived without, we realized that we were supporting organizations we loved by purchasing things we did not. That’s when it hit us, Coffee Lovers Helping Others! Why not create a simple and sustainable fundraising opportunity that provides great coffee (something many people love) and supports the organizations that are doing good in our community.

The Commitment

Fresh Horizons Coffee Company was founded with a commitment to give back to the community. Every sale contributes to this mission. We are also committed to making it easy for nonprofit organizations to participate. We know that some of the very best local organizations are so busy giving back to their community, they don’t have a lot of extra capacity to administer a complicated fundraiser. Organizations can enroll in our program in minutes, and start raising money immediately.

The Coffee

Discovering the best beans and practicing the art of roasting has been a long-time hobby of ours. We have worked over the years to hone our craft, and we like to think we’ve gotten pretty good at what we do.

We source fair-trade beans from all over the world and roast a variety of origins and flavor profiles. We recently introduced both an organic and decaf option for our customers. To maintain optimal freshness, we roast small batches frequently, and ship quickly.

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